Takeaway #224 paranoid good vs. bad: inspired by the beastie boys

I can’t stand it.  I know you planned it.

I’mma gonna set it straight – this Watergate

What could it be?  It’s a mirage.

You’re scheming on a thing, that’s sabotage

Beastie Boys Sabotage

Takeaway #224:  Paranoia can be good or bad.  When it is outward-facing it is healthy.  When it is inward facing – it is destructive.  When you are paranoid about your enterprise’s competition then you are engaging in healthy paranoia (Read:  Only the Paranoid Survive –Andy Grove {Intel}).  When you are scheming on your co-worker over office politics you are headed for personal sabotage (Ad Rock).

Takeaway #213 hedging: as inspired by Lil Wayne

It’s been murder, b@#%h, I make a killing.

Insurance papers in the safe, money in the ceiling

Lil Wayne We Come and See About It

Takeaway #213:  Yes, it’s diversification and hedge time. Although Lil Wayne is literally putting the portfolio into the house – between board and studs – your options can be in other vehicles. Like Paulson and Goldman Sachs vs. the subprime lemmings, time to zag while the others zig.

Takeaway #212 mental growth via large professor + Nas

Reduce fat rap, no calories in my mentality

No sugar no starch, the pull-ups is hard but get money

Large Professor f/ Nas Stay Chisel

Takeaway #212: This whole rap is a reminder that intelligence and mental growth comes with effort, like muscle work outs.  Your financial growth could be expanded with an Executive Course, a few CLEs or some basic reading.  Read Carol Dweck (Mindset) to get up to speed.

Extra: The Growth Mindset of Leadership

Takeaway #211 Monday – on time via Hi-Tek + Talib Kweli

Time is of the essence, and waits for no man

Now is the time to get down with the program

It’s time to get busy; it’s time to get involved

You got a problem with that, it’s time to get it solved


Hi-Tek f/ Dion, Talib Kweli Time


Takeaway #211:  The Monday-morning quarterback and back-seat drivers can take the day off, only essential personnel are required.  Take a teaspoon of gripe water if you are feeling colicky, kid, it’s time to do work.  Get on the team or get gone.

Takeaway #210 don’t take it personal, but I need to exit: as inspired by Blue Scholars

Neck deep in contradiction in the gut of the beast

If you in debt, then everything you own is on lease

Blue Scholars Ordinary Guys


Takeaway #210: 

LBO exit strategy point of clarification.   It goes like this:

“Dear Employees:

      We do not own this puppy.  We just have you on lease, because we have fully leveraged your assets.  IPO or strategic sale,  we recommend that you do not get too attached to us.

Best Regards,

Your Private Equity Sponsors.”