Takeaway #191 sustainable loyalty + the highroad via Chamillionaire

CEO’s are like slave masters and most of ‘em don’t even know it

Their employees are like slaves, work the bill but don’t even own it

Your money right and your credit ain’t, then the bank still won’t loan it

If you on top and you ain’t paying taxes I hope you enjoying your moment

Chamillionaire The Morning News

Takeaway #191:  Take 1 –  Do you want your model to resemble slave-master where people have no sense of ownership?  If that is the case, how long do you suppose you maintain it successfully?  BPM says that is not sustainable. Take 2 -  Credit standing and Tax compliance are non-negotiable…always take the high road.

Takeaway #192 your complete game via Nelly

And he cant get the mental and physical part right

You playing with your toys but your toys don’t bite

See they don’t talk shit and they don’t hit it how you like

Nelly Brass Knuckles


Takeaway #192:  You need a complete game, a total skill set.  Mental acumen is a given, but to take it to the next level, show your edge.  You can be a midlevel manager all your life or show a little flava in the right context to let both the powers-that-be & the competition know that you can switch up styles to give them what  they want but,  can’t or don’t know  how to ask for…

Takeaway #196 in negotiation with #xzibit

Because you spoke like a menace you got sent off to the dentist

I don’t be going back and forth like, full court tennis

We gon’ handle what we gon’ handle, have you walking in sandals

Xzibit f/ Kurupt, Too $hort Movin’ in Your Chucks

Takeaway #196:  In a negotiation it is most valuable to be willing to walk or not counter when you have been insulted.  You need to punch the other party in the mouth but you have to be willing to take them to the cleaners or leave them high and dry to have true leverage and create actual fear.

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