Takeaway #145 strategic resources + superfly

This cat of the slum
had a mind, wasn’t dumb But a weakness was shown
‘Cause his hustle was wrong

 Curtis Mayfield    Superfly

Takeaway 145:  Are you wasting strategic resources.  There is human capital engaged in solving the wrong problem or no problem at all.  Why waste Charlie Hustle’s energy there.  Oh yeah, every modern street-life rapper owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Mayfield – even before all the sampling.

Takeaway #223: The challenge of interference: via Downtown Science

Sunrise, darkness fades to light Illuminating the sky, as well as the insight

Thoughts from the universe of ideas Select lyrics to illustrate the obvious

Extent of a wavelength Jamming the frequency Relentlessly to break through and reach the world on the other side So they can learn from errors that nullified

Downtown Science  Radioactive

Takeaway #223:on the science of signals and wavelength’s and interference…Bosco Money and Sam Sever take BPM back a long way.  For BPM, this remains about “interference.”  Interference is what we call the static that prevents your message from getting to the listener (Jamming the frequency).  Interference can be a source of frustration, a glass-ceiling, and an unintended hindrance to being heard and seen in your full potential.

         You sit in board room, a strategy meeting or a workshop.  You make a statement – and people look like they are listening but they do not hear you.  They are distracted.  You are a woman, you are brown, you are gay, you speak with a lisp, you have a disability, etc.  They are distracted by this.  This is the static, the interference that prevents them from hearing or seeing you.

         Now what to do you do about it?  You can get mad.  You can be frustrated.  You can pout.  Will that help?  We know that it will not.  Instead, let’s remember that this is just interference or static – like an analog radio or television that needs better antennae.  You need to broadcast a better or different signal.  You need to go digital on these folks.  You need high-definition for those with poor vision.  Clarity in audio and video is amazing. (Relentlessly to break through)

What does that look like in practical business land?  It looks like you describing your point many different ways for the listener and on-looker.  Perhaps they are surprised that you are an articulate “other” and they missed what you said the first time while spinning in their surprise.  Repeat the phrase or concept in a slightly different manner – in case they missed it the first time.  Use a graphic or a different Power point slide. (Select lyrics to illustrate the obvious)  Remember, you are the broadcaster – you need to get your signal out.  They may even miss the live broadcast and you might have to have a summer repeat (read: follow up one-on-one meeting) or go into syndication on another outlet (read:  follow up email or telephone call). 

Do you hear me now?…Down with the science of interference….

Takeaway #220 on extremes: inspired by Hell Razah

Y’all got a deal now you acting bougie.

Ain’t no Soul Food now, you only into sushi


Hell Razah & Blue Sky Black Death Better Than Jewelry


Takeaway #220: This cautionary refrain, reminds BPM to not be narrow-minded or live at either end of the spectrum.  Extremes or “keeping-it-too-real” can be simply foolish.  You don’t need to choose between your soul or selling out.  Keep rounded.

Takeaway #219 on flipping: as inspired by Kia Shine

I think I rather switch my hustle and flip some real estate.

While Hip-Hop trying to hate, I’mma make some realer K.

I’mma flip a couple houses, make a couple 100 thousands

Kia Shine W.O.W.

Takeaway #219:   Is the real estate flip an investment, when a kid is calling it an alternative investment to pushing-mixtapes and other hustles?  What’s in your portfolio?