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Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month,” … “To get up, get up, get up, so cash your checks and get up.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Takeaway #168:  This denotes a bygone era now that those payments are electronic –the seamless world electronic commerce has arrived. Indeed enterprise management has proceeded in this fashion.  Will micropayments and interchange fees be the future or death of your enterprise?  In an era of transfer payments, how does your margin change based on fluid due dates and no mailing costs or breakage?  30 day acceleration of flows, factoring and receivable facilities create new opportunities.

Takeaway #25 geometric creativity inspired by #Mack10

***       You can either turn square or keep the mind of a rebel

some uppity living good some faced with death in the ghetto    ***

Mack 10 Based on a True Story

The entrepreneur is king.  Those stuck thinking square-cubed thoughts, i.e. in-the-box thinking are stuck with linear, arithmetic growth –2-4-6.  It is the “rebel” path that leads to geometric growth 2-4-8, outside-the-box thinking and the good life rewards that go with that.  I love Mack’s notion of “square.”  In one sense it is being a goody-two-shoe.  In another since it is literally the creation of bounded-thought.  A square literally forces you to stay in the 4 corners.  You are boxed in and are encouraged not to use the space outside of the lines.  The high-risk, high-reward scenario by definition can only be found outside of the box.  You have to do your work outside of the boundary lines.

 When you color outside of the lines there are no limits to the expression or the nature of growth and creativity.  If you like boxes, you can draw a bigger box over encapsulating the small square.  Hell you don’t even have to stay on the paper.  No matter what, you can’t get an growth bigger than 1 square box by 1 square box staying inside the lines.  The geometric growth requires breaking through. 





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Takeaway #153: Building a franchise with #RapperBigPooh

….Blinded by smog, getting caught up in the hype

Your single got burned but you never took flight

Five years later we forgot your name

Goodbye, God bless, but we glad you came…..

Rapper Big Pooh Radio

 Takeaway 153:  Avoid the flash-in-the-pan product.  Are you building a franchise, enterprise, or brand?  Anything else is not worth the investment and we do not expect you to be a contender in the future battle for profits.

Takeaway #119: Anybody can win today, but can you?

…..Blood of a drug lord, brain of a baller

Hand of a hustler, I’m all about a dollar

Everybody’s a customer, nobody’s a friend

Somebody got to do it, anybody can win……

G-Unit f/ Young Buck Piano Man

Takeaway 119:  Mercenary to some, dogmatically entrepreneurial to others, no judgments here.  We salute the egalitarian nature of this philosophy, because “anybody” can achieve.  The winner, however, is the one with discipline at the margins and singular focus.