Takeaway #166: the Sticky Product Offering


I crave hip hop til I be in my grave

Save enslaved to the pine box

My rhyme knocks on your door

Let me in, I climb up the stairs

And I be up in ya attic, second story

My second story will bless ya territory

  Atoms Family  (Cryptic, Delta, Vast Aire, Vordul Freestyle)

Takeaway 166:  Is your product offering compelling enough to not only engage your consumer but build habituation?  We want to avoid churn today and increase average-revenue-per-user.  Churn Down, ARPU Up…like the pistons on a well run engine….  Make your product sticky.

Collaboration equals Innovation

Takeaway 230:  Collaboration is not simply a combination of two sets of resources – it is risk at creating something new.  Chocolate and Peanut Butter is not Chocolate and Peanut Butter – it’s a Reese’s Cup.  We know the synergy truism 1+1=3…but it can be (-1) or (+5) as well.  Collaboration=Risk=Innovation —  Hence the “venture” in joint venture.  We salute the risk in innovation today, with its latest chapter: Elvis-Costello-and-Roots-live!-Brooklyn-Bowl-2013

Takeaway #200 on the enterprising journey with Xzibit

Escalation, elevation to another plateau

Sometimes ya take a few steps back to mentally grow

Xzibit f/ Jelly Roll Rollin’ 

Takeaway #200:  Career growth and company success is not always a linear path.  Your path may meander, but it could add value to your overall growth, depending on the direction.