Takeaway #93 diversity is the new black via #down/kilo #butchcassidy #flakiss

They don’t like to see a heina with some poder (No)

They don’t like how I make the money volver

Now ladies, we could do it too

Homie, why you trippin’, we be taking care of you

Down/Kilo f/ Butch Cassidy, Flakiss Got to Hustle

Takeaway 93:  Diversity is the new black – or classic black, not sure which.  Your CEO is Indra or Carly, get with the program and out of the locker-room.  Stop hating and start enjoying the ROI and the new way to get returns…dinero-volver…it’s a good thing, Martha!

Takeaway #94 competition vs. self-excellence via Brother Ali

Listen here, I ain’t gonna give you all my secrets just these few examples help me illustrate my pretense

Our strength is unrelated to your weakness

Cause you’ll never be a worthy pool of peers to be competed with …They say my reputation precedes me

I don’t know the meaning of off season, I ain’t taking it easy

 Brother Ali Take Me Home

Takeaway 94:  Compete only against your own excellence.  Never rest on your laurels and if your pool of competition is tiny, find an ocean.  In the words of Roy Schneider in Jaws, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Takeaway #194 exponential leap via #deadprez

I’m not the one to kiss ass for the top position

I take mine off the top like a politician

Where I’m from doing dirt is a part of living


Dead Prez Hell Yeah

Takeaway #194:  At some point the corporate rungs are not climbed incrementally, exponential leaps are made.  You need to assess exactly what point this is at which you have arrived.  Are you ready for a true leap?  BPM does not advocate for a brand that is under-hand . . . just one that recognizes when servile obedience to lockstep systems is counterproductive.

Takeaway #98 on point with talib kweli

I’m a kid with a vision running a label

With the freshest MC’s with something to say too

We cutting the umbilical cord from the navel

Willing and able to change the game for the better

A lot of crews claim they together

Then they fall apart and blame it on cheddar

Please~! I stay professional in all my endeavors


Talib Kweli & Madlib Funny Money

Takeaway 98:  Stay on message/mission statement.  The volume of business or work will not take you under if you remain true and professional to your core strengths.  It is only we people stretch the core, that they break.

Takeaway #99 the yin + yang of brand via BunB

 …Now I tried to compromise, see the other side of the story

But that’s easier said that done, when it comes to your pride & your glory

I’m a pimp with a glide in my worries . . .

But my armor’s on at all times, cause I gots me a rep to protect

Now I mights be known for this, and maybe recognized for that

But they be high-beaming me; and I be like where my visors at?

Bun B of U.G.K.  ♦  Pimp Life

Takeaway 99:  The power of reputation and brand is amazing.  It is what protects you and at the same time it is the spotlight that you shine and the competition can reflect with a mirror right back at you to blind you.