Takeaway #34 on Allies and Playing Hard but Fair via #GetoBoys

I feel I’m being tailed by the same sucker’s head lights

Is it that fool that I ran off the block?

…Or is it the one I beat for five thousand dollars

Thought he had ‘caine but it was Gold Medal Flour

…I live by the sword

I take my boys everywhere I go, because I’m paranoid

I keep lookin over my shoulder and peepin around corners

My mind is playin tricks on me

Geto Boys   Mind Playing Tricks On Me; We Can’t Be Stopped

It is fine to be competitive, but there is no need to be cut-throat.  If your approach is scorched earth and win-at-all-cost then you will be without an ally and perpetually live in the defensive mode.  This guy has burned every bridge in town, pulling fast cons on people leaving him literally trying to watch his back for fear that someone will do him in.  This is not thriving in the game.

You need a reputation that is above board.  People need to know that you believe in healthy competition, but not cheating at all costs.  It is a reflection on your organization’s standing in the community and allows you to sleep with both eyes closed.

Otherwise you can live by the sword and expect your most fierce competitors to turn you into the regulators at the first infraction they spot in your operation or to gang up against you on any given opportunity.  You need allies beyond the confines of your organization.  Without allies in your field, you will be victim to the cartel that allies against you.  Friends close, but enemies closer.





Takeaway #30: Future Exit or what Linton Kwesi Johnson taught us about the game


mi know dem have work, work in abundant
yet still, dem mek mi redundant
now, at fifty-five mi gettin´ quite ol´
yet still, dem sen´ mi fi goh draw dole  ***

Linton Kwesi Johnson        Inglan is a Bitch (1981)

LKJ is really a dub poet, but you can’t talk about Hip Hop and ignore influence like this.  Gil Scott, Last Poets and LKJ.  Besides who wants to ignore this fundamental statement about making sure that workers should not forget that each person (even you CEO) can just be another cog in the machine.  Even if you are a big cog or key gear, if the machine is made obsolete or sold, how big are you?  You are a team player and loyal, but if the industry is changing and the organization’s interest is to suck you dry.  Do you want your future to be that of the cleaned out husk or something more meaningful?  Recognize the signs.  LKJ sees that there is an abundance of work, yet he is somehow laid off and told that his services are redundant.  If your work is drying up but the firm is bubbling along, maybe you need to check your parachute.

You need an exit strategy.  You don’t want to be a retiree and finding out that you are standing in the employment line wondering what happened.  Savings and investment are essential, but you need to visualize the actual terms on which you will leave.  Severance, COBRA, relocations, full life insurance, job placement, allowances, etc.





Takeaway #105: lean with conviction, as inspired by Rass Kass


Yeah, I heard you don’t grind, you don’t eat

Don’t eat, get a fragile physique, I’m agile and sleek

I run through rappers like my boss had cleats

Beef ain’t shit but cows is resting in peace

 Ras Kass      Eat or Die

Takeaway 105:  Stay lean and mean on the competition.  Also, you cannot operate in fear of conflict.  The business minded, must be willing to also be litigation minded.  People only respect your negotiation stance or product when they know that you are willing to go to the mat to defend it.