wwfd?what would fifty do? earnings per share + incremental revenue


holla in New York them . . . tell ya I’m loco And the plan is to put the rap game in a choke hold I’m fully focused man, my money on my mind Got a mill’ out the deal and I’m still on the grind…

50 Cent      In Da Club  ♦  Get Rich or Die Tryin’

                    Okay, what modern rap tune is not about making money?  This one is too.  It is also about planning and discipline.  It has what many executives do not – a mission statement and commitment to execution.  People discourage you, criticize you, and call you loco, once you tell them your aspirations.  Maybe you should play your cards closer to your vest and not let them know your game plan.  You should however not lose sight of the plan even after you initially have a modicum of success.  “50” is in the grind beyond the million-mark.  I think it best that you stay similarly focused beyond the level of immediate success.   This is true of institutions as well as people.

                    Everyone recalls the company that turns a profit or cashes in on an IPO and suddenly loses the mission focus, by creeping into new tangential industries or straying for its “core competency” for a sexier endeavor.  The company dilutes its resources and never realizes the full potential that comes from focus and grinding it out in the area of expertise.  When you fail to grind it out, you leave money on the table.  WWFD – What would 50 do?




NOTE: I addition to @The50thLaw, when BPM thinks of this cut, it is reminded of all of those who grind in the early stages.  BPM thinks of guys like Jon Shecter/@SheckyGreen (Philly-kid) and David Mays (DC-kid) making flyers and calling them the Source Magazine.  BPM stopped reading it beyond the $1.95 days, but salutes those who worked to actually make it a “Hip Hop Bible”…into the $4 days.  There are countless stories (Rush, Jay-Z, etc.) like this, but the lesson is the same…there is no easy money…just incremental dollars, cents and common sense a little bit at a time.

Productivity + the calculus of grinding

The luger black, the brick white
The boy brown, good night

Takeaway #171: Tools, capital & labor lead to a productive day.  Get in the grind.  The Solow Model tells us that Production will be a function of labor and capital ( Yt= Kt αL1- α).  That’s all you need to factor in – and the eventual diminishing returns of throwing too much capital at not enough labor.   Rick Ross succintly reminds us of the limited inputs Luger&Brick/”K”apital and Boy Brown/”L”abor….that’s it (good night).  Now, how you allocate and push those resources is up to you.  Get your optimal mix of capital and labor today…and produce.

Rick Ross f/ Raekwon  (Audio Meth Teflon Don)

Don’t rush, foolishly – survey the terrain….

       “Soon as he buy that wine, I just creep in from behind.”

Notorious BIG, Big Poppa

“Don’t you know Bad Boys move in silence or violence?

 Notorious BIG   (Ten Crack Commandments)

Takeaway #128: Let fools run out in front while you survey the scene and gather data.

(Courtesy of Warloq – BPM Member)