Takeaway #36 on the extreme via #cypresshill @sendog

Say some punk try to get you for your auto,

Would you call the one-time, play the role model?

No, I think you play like a thug

Next hear the shot of a magnum slug

Hummin’, comin’ at cha

yeah ya know I’m gonna gat ya

Cypress Hill ♦  How I Could Just Kill a Man

Again, in extreme circumstances you and your organization must be willing to make the hard decisions.  You cannot always be an angel.  In a world that respects termination with extreme prejudice, people need to know that you and your organization will not be pushed to the extreme without dire consequences befalling those testing you and the group.




#125 on consistency via #icecube

They music so fluffy, I’ma stay gutter

That shit is kind of popcorn, my shit is so butter

My style never change, in 22 summers

Straight independent, and doing my numbers

Ice Cube It Takes A Nation

Takeaway 125:   Core competency is king.  Stay the course.  Can you really fault meeting expectations and guidance consistently?  Like a Goldman Sachs whisper number…correction…a steady, boring dividend….be butter.

Also note: Core Values Exemplified:  the-revenge-of-speakerboxxx-how-big-boi-flipped-the-outkast-script

Takeaway #35 on Knowledge and Goodwill via #brandnubian + @lordjamar

Now, the civilized man’s main goal is to teach

And I try to achieve this with verbal outreach

in my community, and all outlaying counties

Spread the message of good with my Now Rule mighty

Step up to the right, dispense and be known

Remember what I said is to teach your own

at home first, and as we disperse

I sparks your head like a cloudburst…

Brand Nubian   ♦     Concerto in X Minor

The organization survives not just on ROI or decimating the competition.  The organization survives because it has trained and mentored its less seasoned members and prepares for succession.  An entity becomes a living, breathing perpetual force because it does not rely on one individual but upon a process and mechanism for fostering continuity and perpetuity the mission statement.  This starts first by teaching your own at home.  Do you have a formal mentoring program?  Do you have a succession or business continuity plan?  Do you have an institutionalized mechanism for passing on the institution’s historical knowledge or is that knowledge capital depleted when individual’s leave?  The best organizations answer “yes” to all of the above.

This involves spreading knowledge in the community.  Speak at professional gatherings and panels.  This increases your and your organization’s profile.  It builds good will and encourages others to share valuable insights and successes with you and your firm.  The returns are many and often intangible and indirect, but bountiful in infinite ways.




Extra: Bonus Read – Giver not Taker

Note:  thanks @lordjamar