Takeaway #121: not a zero-sum game with Little Brother

***     Every flight that I leave, my wife and my seeds

I wish that I could be more involved, I leave it in destiny’s hands

Just because I’m on the road don’t make me less of a man

I spit it from the heart and I don’t care if other dudes are doing it

They said I should be more focused, now I’m moving units    ***

Little Brother f/ SupastitionDoin’ Me

Takeaway 121 Everybody is looking for the work and quality of life balance.  The reality is that it is not a zero-sum game.  You are one person, carry both worlds with you – it comes through.  The better executive shows glimpses of the rounded persona…it moves people and makes them want to move units.  Bring your full toolkit today.

Takeaway #14: Institutional Investors + perfect knowledge inspired by #thelastpoets

***Now, Dow Jones owns the people’s homes

and all the surrounding land

Buying and selling their humble dwelling

in the name of the Master Plan***

The Last Poets    E Pluribus Unum

How can you talk Hip Hop or Rhythmic American Poetry without giving a head nod to the rapper predecessors Last Poets?  Modern Rhythmic poetry owes a big debt of gratitude to these brothers.  Here BPM is reminded that the market while moved by the occasional irrational exuberance of the common investor is more likely subject to the will of the institutional investor.  The hedge, mutual, and pension funds are making those monumental volume swings.  Don’t forget that.  The reality is that you have to keep tabs on what the big boys do because you do not have access to all the information that they do. 

In the perfectly elastic market, players have perfect knowledge.  Not in the real world.  You can be hooked up to a Bloomberg terminal or investor wire but not ever have all the information that you need.  Your little bundle is just a pittance in the big waves of the ocean.  And those waves are created by not just the ocean liners, but the moon as well.





Takeaway #221: Digital life inspired by #Pegz

***So romantic, I roamed the planet

With a mobile phone and global tracking

Showed you passion, no attachments

Follow the link and download the graphics

It’s a digital world, know the language

Online with the home advantage***

Pegz No Attachments

Takeaway #221:  Look it’s 24-7 because of digital, so play it to your advantage.  Get the profiles on your blackberry in sync.  Get the paper off your desk and PDF that.  Moreover, keep up on the terms of art and metrics, it will streamline your pathway to success

Takeaway #95: Too $hort on Human Resources?

***Put some big money back in the game…

You wanna ball, you can’t tell him he ain’t

Cause if the music don’t pay he gon’ sell ’em the ‘caine

All the crack babies are growin up now

They got ADD, throw it up and act wild***

Too $hort & E-40   This My One

Takeaway 95 Develop your Human Resources  (your personnel or human capital) or else be prepared for destructive behavior.  If you invest in your people, time, training, feedback, you receive assets.  If you do not, then the return is destructive behavior, poor morale, & poisonous deadweight.

#21: Effectiveness as Habit + Wu-Tang

***But I’m still depressed, and I ask what’s it worth?

Ready to give up so I seek the Old Earth

Who explained working hard may help you maintain

to learn to overcome the heartaches and pain***


Wu-Tang Clan   C.R.E.A.M.; Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)


We all know that the Wu is perpetually down with the realm of Eastern philosophy.  This Black Asiatic/Zen Brother approach may be too much for some but BPM says that we don’t need to be overly theoretical or metaphysical to find merit here.

This is more akin to the athletic notion of “runner’s high.”  When you run that extra mile, the endorphins kick in and all that pain in your thighs, lungs, feet and knee-caps go away.  There will be moments of doubt as you push through an agenda, but once you really get into high gear on pushing the difficulty of the process will subside.  In part it subsides because you actually are getting part of the agenda done, but in part it starts to disappear because your faculties are becoming attuned to the process.  You are getting in shape.

The more you negotiate, the longer you are able to negotiate.  The more you create sales presentations and business models, the faster and the easier it becomes to complete them.  The more you shoot for high year end sales numbers and achieve them the better and less difficult it seems.





Takeaway #22: Embrace the Competitive Market as inspired by Public Enemy

***Cycles, cycles, life runs in cycles. New is old, no I’m not no psycho
        The monkey on the back makes the best excel
        The people in the crowd makes the best rock well
        The people in the back lets you know who’s whack
        And those who lack, the odds are stacked***

Public Enemy Timebomb; Yo! Bum Rush the Show (1987)  

Hell, old-school heads know that you can write an anthology on Public Enemy alone, but that’s not BPM’s mission.  What from these old lyrics can you extract for purposes of your day?

This is an ode to the value of free market forces.  The market is cyclical.  The new will become old and become new.  The shift from gas guzzlers to compacts will rock back and forth, just like a toggle switch on mini-skirts and long skirts.

The beauty of the free market and competition (the monkey-on-your-back) is that it makes all of us better.  Your competition brings out the best in you and your organization and in that sense is the best thing for you. 

Also, the market forces are correct.  People trade up the value of publicly traded stock based on the hard economic facts.  The volume of traded shares up or down will let you know whack investments from the good.

Moreover, the market tells us where the best assets are.  If you lack the skills to succeed, the market will let you know.