“They praised the music – this time they play the lyrics”– Chuck D

Takeaway #2 (Interpretation):  After a generation of lyrics and beats, there must be some residual value to this street-knowledge.  BPM is seeking to up the ante on the expected return on investment (ROI) on this latent recall resource. We are mining beats and rhymes for business knowledge.

Disclaimer:  BPM does not glorify urban pop-culture or debate the poetic merits of Rap Music. We leave that to the literary critics, socio-political commentators and pundits. If you disagree with BPM send us your spin on the lyrics.  We have an open mind, and hope you do too.


    The What: From the Beats Per Management (“BPM”) collective comes commentary, opinion, advice, daily affirmation and inspiration for the reformed Hip Hop junky cum corporate executive.  BPM dropped its milk crate full of 12” records in exchange for Excel spreadsheets, legal briefs, power points, strategic plans and  whiteboard-musings…now what to do with the instant recall of Hip Hop lyrics.
     The good news is that BPM realized that these lyrics had application to its daily management concerns. BPM does not claim to have captured the true artist intent in its lyrical analysis, BPM seeks only to celebrate the role that classic lyrics can play in the daily quest to get business done.

“Let’s begin, what, where, why, or when
will all be explained like instructions to a game
See I’m not insane, in fact, I’m kind of rational…”

-KRS ONE (BDP♦My Philosophy♦By All Means Necessary 1988)