Takeaway #183: Dre and Snoop on generation next

I’m bigger than you, so whatchu wanna do?

Didn’t know we had a twenty-two

I guess that’s what I get (For what?)

For trying to jack them little homies for they grip


Dr. Dre f/ Daz, Snoop Doggy Dogg Lil’ Ghetto Boy

Takeaway #183:  The next generation is always a little faster and a little more durable.  Be careful before you discounting the new and small.

Takeaway #40 the Pragmatic Optimist via 2 Pac

When I talk about money all you see is the struggle

When I tell you I’m living large you tell me it’s trouble . . .

Now the whole shit’s changed, and we don’t even kick it

Got a big money scheme, and you ain’t even with it . . .

I ain’t, mad, at cha

2 Pac       I Ain’t Mad at Cha;  All Eyez on Me One (Feb. 1996)

Hell, as many albums as Tupac released in the new millennium (not to mention hologram-shows), you would swear that he his still laying down tracks as BPM prints this.  In any event, the recognition of the difficulty in being the decision maker or power broker remains self evident in this piece about the challenge to surrounding one’s with the best team members.  It is also a reminder of what it takes to be a quality team member for an organization.

You are trying to uplift the organization; you did not want to be surrounded by pessimists and whiners.  When the team or an individual team member sees success, we don’t need one that will only focus on the negative repercussions of success.  People often confuse pessimism for pragmatism.  You can be an optimist and still live in the real world.  Often those who are negative are not realists, they are just limited.

You need to have team members who are willing to put in work but are not afraid to have big dreams, hopes or expectations.  Without some of these people on a team, BPM believes that growth is finite.




takeaway # 180 distractions + substance via #common + #dwele

Why white folks focus on dogs and yoga

While people on the low end trying to ball and get over

 Common f/DweleThe People

Takeaway #180:  There is a culture of diversion.  Can we use time substantively rather than in a distracted manner today?  Alternatively, remain in the grind until completing the mission critical permits basking in the luxury of leisure trappings.

Takeaway #39 Fair Market Valuation lessons from Ms. Lauryn Hill

Don’t be a hard rock, when you really are a gem,

Baby girl!  Respect is just the minimum . ..

How you gonna win, when you ain’t right within?!

Ms. Lauryn HillDoo Wop (That Thing)

You have value.  The market will tell you what your value is on occasion.  However, you ultimately determine the value, deciding whether or not the market has accurately met your expectations.  In the film Jerry McGuire, the star athlete’s wife reminds him at the time of salary negotiation, “We determine our worth.”  It is a brilliant statement that simply says the person in question is the ultimate arbiter of weather market expectations have been met and whether a bid should be accepted or whether a “no” or “yes” should be given.  Many times, agents lose track of that.   If people keep telling you that your skill set is worth 2x and you think it is worth 4x, you ultimately do not have to accept 2x.  You can pull your self of the market until the market recognizes that you are 4x.  Self Respect and recognition of that self worth is the first step having others recognize that value in you.

Now you cannot win if “you ain’t right within.”  The first step in correct valuation of self is looking inside.  In that process you must truly acknowledge your weaknesses and areas for improvement.  You must be willing to honestly assess and correct any deficiency.  Again, you are the only person that can do this.  Accordingly, you control the market’s ability to value your worth in that market.