Takeaway #206: on that return: inspired by Ray Luv

Gotta make my money double

Struggle out of trouble, all good

I’mma hustle ‘til I bubble

Gotta make my money triple

Hennessy not ripple

Ray Luv Bubble

Takeaway #206:  Venture capital returns are in the cards.  Did you really come to have a 100% ROE or something a little more.  The double is just getting you beyond the break even point; let’s take a look at that triple return.  Double your money three years; triple it in five – failure to triple in ten years and you lose: game over.  We don’t need to knock it out of the park, but the risk-reward of this effort has to make sense… or… cents…or dollars.

Takeaway # 205 on focus and core competence: inspiration by ant banks

Keep your eyes on the prize

Your hustle in disguise

Rumors, tales and lies

Watch for jealous eyes

Ant Banks f/ Slink Capone Cutaluff

Takeaway #205:  Core competency focus is critical today.  There is no need to share your end-game with competition (external or internal).  If there is disinformation, note that it is likely spread by the competition.

Takeaway #216 corporate rung-inc. – inspired by Lil Wayne

Everybody got problems, and money is the answer.

 The teacher ain’t picking everybody with they hands up

Lil Wayne f/ Juelz Santana Bonafide Hustla


Takeaway #216:  Are you waiting on a corporate rung hoping for validation?  It does not work that way…natural selection not teacher selection.

Takeaway #204 regulation or competition: inspired by Capone + Noyd

And the city is riding, cops knocking

The streets is watching, without shades

I don’t stop, I just keep clocking

Haters played on my bad judgment

Like dude’s numbers (you want it?)

Then floss for a few summers

Capone & Noyd Options

Takeaway #204:  Regulators may wait on the sidelines, but the true regulation is the near perfect information of the Wall Street capital markets. Traders clock moolah and peddlers of bad information get taxed by the street justice of the market.  Ain’t competition amazing?  Or wait, is that just sometimes?

Takeaway #203: Greatness is weightless …

You’re a working bee on the smallest tree –

Thinking a working-class hero is something to be

See those destined for greatness, have no patience.

We rise to the top like we were weightless….

The Tongue f/ Spit Syndicate Good Looking

Takeaway #203:  Passivity is your enemy today. Get your cream on and rise to the top of your game…

The other takeaway of note is that you cannot be great when you are held down with baggage.  If it is not where you are from – it is where you are at, you must remember that you cannot be held down by your history or station.  You will be great because you travel without that baggage.  Your greatness depends on being weightless.

Takeaway #88 don’t regret sweat via Pegz

 …No, law degree, no brokering knowledge

To rise to the top and own a McDonald’s

Pegz f/ Reagan I Don’t Need Your Judgments

Takeaway 88: The extra degree may be an excuse for your path to success.  Executive MBA, grad degree, whatever…it’s not holding you back.  You are. Old fashion hustle, staying later than the other guys and gals is worth a great deal.

No regret in sweat.

Takeaway #201 doing it – as inspired by Talib Kweli

Get it now, get it fast, get it right

Get it big, get it live, get it done, get it tight

I’m speaking to execs in the seat behind the desk

To your spirit nothing weaker than the flesh

Talib KweliListen!!!

Takeaway #201 Today’s inspiration is Speed, Accuracy, Boldness and Conciseness.  The only things preventing your message containing the above right now are your own mental and physical self imposed limitations.  Do it.