Takeaway #106 “Outside the box” with the Roots


You know a lot of leaders ain’t honest

And they can’t keep a promise

And I hate to speak about it but it’s all freakanomics


 The Roots    Bread & Butter

Takeaway 106:  Oh hell, BPM loves the lyric just because no one talks about Steve Levitt (freakanomics) in hiphop.  It’s time to Question Authority and the Status Quo.  Do you have your think-out-side-the-box hat on today?  Today, you are going to think about why you are being told something, not what you are told.  Do it for all information you receive today and see what it does to your perspective.  You are also going to dig behind the numbers and question the assumptions that your thesis and projections are built on. 

Takeaway #157 on Chuck D and the other P. E.


P.E. a group – a crew – not singular

We wear black Wranglers

We’re rap stranglers

You can’t angle us

 Public Enemy    Rebel without a Pause

Takeaway 157:  No, man, it’s Private Equity.  And the question is: what is their angle?  Are they top loading the entity with debt to pilfer?  Perhaps they are re-tuning this puppy for an IPO or quick turn around.  Speaking of PE, what is the price-equity ratio?  CAPM or plowback…where do we invest today?

Extra ReadTerminal Value Exit or Terminator X it?

Takeaway #147: boundaries + landscape, courtesy of Eric B. + Rakim


Coming out of the building, they set me up

Sprayed wit automatics, they wet me up

In a puddle of blood, I lay close to the edge

I guess I didn’t know the ledge…

Eric B & Rakim Juice (Know the Ledge)

  Takeaway 107:  Rakim always has been a touch melodramatic with the lyrics, but he’s classic.  I love the word play on “knowledge” and “know-the-ledge.”  True knowledge does help us determine our boundaries.  The perfect economy contains perfect information & the perfect executive player is fully briefed on the conditions of the game.  You are headed to a meeting, do you have the agenda; do you know the stakeholders and their positions?  You are about to negotiate, what’s the other-side’s bottom line?  Are they going to come friendly, or with guns blazing; will you be hit with friendly-fire from your own squad?  BPM knows, do you?