FAQs + Glossary Notes

FAQs & Glossary:

 Q: What is this?

 A: From the Beats Per Management (“BPM”) collective comes commentary, opinion, advice, daily affirmation and inspiration for the reformed Hip Hop junky cum corporate executive.  BPM dropped its milk crate full of 12” records in exchange for Excel spreadsheets, legal briefs, power points, strategic plans and  whiteboard- musings…now what to do with the instant recall of Hip Hop lyrics.

  The good news is that BPM realized that these lyrics had application to its daily management concerns. BPM does not claim to have captured the true artist intent in its lyrical analysis, BPM seeks only to celebrate the role that classic lyrics can play in the daily quest to get business done.


Q: Where does this come from?

 A: The Beats Per Management (BPM) collective consists of business professionals with multiple decades of experience advising, managing and directing Fortune 1000 companies in multiple disciplines. 

Q:  Why?

 A: BPM believes hip-hop lyrics provide timely, simple advice, occasional wisdom, and professional affirmations that make for daily business adventures for the modern, global executive.

 Q: Do you take Submissions?

 A: Yes. For further information and interest in publication, please contact BPM Submissions @ roscoewaxx@gmail.com

 Q: Profanity & N-Word?

 A:  We avoid or minimize use of both because they obscure the Takeaway.

 Q:  What’s up with the name?

A:  Commentary and Opinion from a Diverse Portfolio of Executives.  If you are a Hip Hop fan you know where the Mizell originates. We call it “C.O.D.E. Mizell.”



BPM= Beats Per Management

CAPEX= Capital Expenditures

EBITDA = Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization

ROI= Return on Investment

T#=Takeaway number

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