So I hear they are relocating you…

Takeaway #300

Corporate is relocating you?  Top tips to put on your checklist when negotiating the package:

  • Real Estate Closing Costs Covered?

  • Are there RENTAL broker fees in new locale?

  • 60 Days Corporate rental to get bearings?

  • Reimbursement for any School Contract Commitments on Kids?

  • Relo scout trip with family for a few business days?

  • Moving Costs? Household and Auto? (1 or 2 locations)

  • Got gross-up?:  gross-up the amount before the tax impact…

  • Effective Date of relocation based on Tax Impact?

Takeaway #122: Nappy Roots keeping even keel

***     Keep buying cars and rims until it breaks me

I fold like bread on a loose sandwich, too damaged

Still I gotta slow down and find a balance    ***

Nappy Roots  No Static


Takeaway 122: Balance is the key.  You can come full throttle, but you will have the life expectancy of a punt-returner in the NFL.  Even keel.