Takeaway #197 cool @ the bell via Xzibit

……This is grown man business, recognize the tone

If I don’t recognize the number won’t, answer my phone

Xzibit f/ Jelly Roll Rollin’

Takeaway #197:  There is no need to shout above the fray of the immature.  You are the mature, cool collected-head, let your communications reflect the same.  You need not respond to every demand – or have a Pavlovian reaction when the fight bell chimes.

Takeaway #196 in negotiation with #xzibit

Because you spoke like a menace you got sent off to the dentist

I don’t be going back and forth like, full court tennis

We gon’ handle what we gon’ handle, have you walking in sandals

Xzibit f/ Kurupt, Too $hort Movin’ in Your Chucks

Takeaway #196:  In a negotiation it is most valuable to be willing to walk or not counter when you have been insulted.  You need to punch the other party in the mouth but you have to be willing to take them to the cleaners or leave them high and dry to have true leverage and create actual fear.

Takeaway #200 on the enterprising journey with Xzibit

Escalation, elevation to another plateau

Sometimes ya take a few steps back to mentally grow

Xzibit f/ Jelly Roll Rollin’ 

Takeaway #200:  Career growth and company success is not always a linear path.  Your path may meander, but it could add value to your overall growth, depending on the direction.