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Takeaway #31: Directed Substance via #SlickRick

Sir noticed that my input was accurate intelligence

That type meant ta stripe, kids

Even after he died, I still write raps like this

Slick Rick  Who Rotten ‘Em

We all wish we could offer pearls of wisdom like rain water.  It is just not feasible.  We can, however, take a measured approach to the manner in which we manage and influence our team members.  If you have recruited properly you have talented people who can be motivated in subtle ways without ham-fisting advice, policy or directives via lectures.

The best points/accurate intelligence strike at the heart of the issue cutting through stylistic differences that team members may have.  You may not like the cut of your player’s jib, but does the player get the job done in your field or vocation?  That is the critical issue.  Any advice or discipline or should strike at the issue that is critical to the mission statement.  Keep personality out of it.

Similarly, the point must be universal and timeless.  Does your advice square with the words you used to motivate your players two years ago?  Is it logically consistent with past treatment or policy?  Are you going to be okay with someone quoting it back to you next year or when you sit down to terminate their employment?




About codemizell

The Beats Per Management collective (“The BPM”) is curator for C.O.D.E Mizell and supports the repurposing of hip hop content for professional success. BPM consists of former Hip Hop junkies now living in the corporate world. BPM members carried milk crates of 12” records when “bpm” used to mean beats-per-minute for mixing music, now BPM members focus on Excel spreadsheets, legal briefs, power points, whiteboard-scribbling and business plans. BPM cannot shake the instant recall of Hip Hop lyrics. The good news is that BPM realized that these lyrics had application to its daily management concerns. BPM does not claim to have captured the true artist intent in its lyrical analysis, BPM seeks only to celebrate the role that hype-lyrics can play in the daily grind to get business done in the corporate world. This is not a glorification of urban pop-culture or a debate on the poetic merits of rap, we leave that to the literary critics and socio-political commentators. If you disagree with BPM send us your spin on the lyrics. We have an open mind, and hope you do. The “BPM Takeaways” dispense reminders for your business day. Hopefully, the next time a referenced-cut is heard on the radio, it will trigger your “Takeaway” and not just flashbacks to the music video. A quote-a-day will make you a better executive. BPM hopes to keep all advice short and to the point – Executive Summary Style. Technically the lyrics are “raps” and the culture of the genre is “hip hop” but lets not get overly technical -- substance not form that controls here. The point is you are putting that untapped knowledge to use. And to think they said that Hip-Hop would get you nowhere…puhhleasse. -Roscoe Waxx for BPM

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