Takeaway #198: empire of innovation


That’s what ya get when ya misuse what I invent

Your empire falls and ya lose every cent

For tryin to blow up a scrub

Now that thought was just as bright as a 20-watt light bulb***

Wu-Tang Clan    Protect Ya Neck

Takeaway #198Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but makes lousy business in the age of innovation.  Copycat status and second mover advantage cannot build bank.  Get your own style, that’s the right-bright idea.

What Innovation Looks Like:  Stanford-alumni-fund-new-innovation-center-in-Ghana

Innovation Day. Takeaway #161 inspired by @bobatl


So I’ma play my guitar

Rap about aliens and sing about stars

Till you understand that’s what we are

B.o.B.  (Generation Lost  ♦   Who The F#*k Is B.o.B.?)

Takeaway 161:   Innovation.  You are alone with an idea and certain that your oddity must be doomed for epic failure.  This is the point at which your gem can achieve returns beyond the required cost of capital.  You are alien, but recognize that your unique competitive and advantage is a solitary viewpoint that also makes you a star.

Takeaway #193 back to competent innovation via @hierolmperium

My style’s all over the place, disease contagious

And treacherous (what?) like Mussolini (uh-huh)

but cooler than Fonzarelli eating fussilli

With roots in hip-hop going back to Whodini

Del the Funky Homosapien Time is Too Expensive

Takeaway #193:  Innovate your approach but do it with recognition of your mission statement/history/core competence.  You need to but curves (fussilli/corkscrew) into the thought process to generate the value behind creative destruction.  But the process does not have value unless it can be placed in the context of “roots”/mission statement/core competence.

Takeaway #112 Risk + Reward + Courage via #elementalzazen

It’s a thin line between the genius and the lunatic

Student the of science and the slave to the crucifix


Elemental Zazen Disappear


Takeaway 112:  There is that balance of risk and reward that needs to be assessed. Is it crazy-talk or the most innovative approach that the organization has seen?  You need to crunch the numbers, but also have the courage to take the leap of faith.  Otherwise, put on your lemming suit and remain wed to your W-2.

Takeaway #25 geometric creativity inspired by #Mack10

***       You can either turn square or keep the mind of a rebel

some uppity living good some faced with death in the ghetto    ***

Mack 10 Based on a True Story

The entrepreneur is king.  Those stuck thinking square-cubed thoughts, i.e. in-the-box thinking are stuck with linear, arithmetic growth –2-4-6.  It is the “rebel” path that leads to geometric growth 2-4-8, outside-the-box thinking and the good life rewards that go with that.  I love Mack’s notion of “square.”  In one sense it is being a goody-two-shoe.  In another since it is literally the creation of bounded-thought.  A square literally forces you to stay in the 4 corners.  You are boxed in and are encouraged not to use the space outside of the lines.  The high-risk, high-reward scenario by definition can only be found outside of the box.  You have to do your work outside of the boundary lines.

 When you color outside of the lines there are no limits to the expression or the nature of growth and creativity.  If you like boxes, you can draw a bigger box over encapsulating the small square.  Hell you don’t even have to stay on the paper.  No matter what, you can’t get an growth bigger than 1 square box by 1 square box staying inside the lines.  The geometric growth requires breaking through. 





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