Takeaway #184 inspired by @MsLaurynHill


It’s funny how money change a situation

Miscommunication leads to complication

My emancipation don’t fit your equation

 Lauryn Hill:   Lost Ones

Takeaway #184:

Monetary return often leads to corporate jealousy.  People may have a limited view of hierarchical status.  The view is often fixed for both you and viewer.  Don’t get trapped in someone else’s misguided world view.  It is limiting only for them – not you – unless you let it do so. 

Additionally, the notion that your new skill set/empowerment (“emancipation”) does not always jibe with other’s  “equation” is important.  As the pupil becomes the teacher, many ex-teachers are reluctant to end the teacher-student relationship.  Be cognizant of the tension, but do not let it limit you.  As your skills reach fruition, it is incumbent on you to communicate in a manner that is digestible for those who are grappling with your growth, i.e., avoid miscommunication leading to complication.  Unfortunately, sometimes they will not hear you, being distracted by their own memory of the unemancipated/former you.  Don’t worry, your new skill set  will allow you many different ways to communicate and make sure that they hear the new successful you.

Takeaway #39 Fair Market Valuation lessons from Ms. Lauryn Hill

Don’t be a hard rock, when you really are a gem,

Baby girl!  Respect is just the minimum . ..

How you gonna win, when you ain’t right within?!

Ms. Lauryn HillDoo Wop (That Thing)

You have value.  The market will tell you what your value is on occasion.  However, you ultimately determine the value, deciding whether or not the market has accurately met your expectations.  In the film Jerry McGuire, the star athlete’s wife reminds him at the time of salary negotiation, “We determine our worth.”  It is a brilliant statement that simply says the person in question is the ultimate arbiter of weather market expectations have been met and whether a bid should be accepted or whether a “no” or “yes” should be given.  Many times, agents lose track of that.   If people keep telling you that your skill set is worth 2x and you think it is worth 4x, you ultimately do not have to accept 2x.  You can pull your self of the market until the market recognizes that you are 4x.  Self Respect and recognition of that self worth is the first step having others recognize that value in you.

Now you cannot win if “you ain’t right within.”  The first step in correct valuation of self is looking inside.  In that process you must truly acknowledge your weaknesses and areas for improvement.  You must be willing to honestly assess and correct any deficiency.  Again, you are the only person that can do this.  Accordingly, you control the market’s ability to value your worth in that market.