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2 responses to “AV Clue #43

  1. I like the film reels/camera that project the video. Neat. Good to come here for my daily hiphop tutoring session. There’s a message herein… mulling over my thoughts. The beat is so basic, it’s immediately recognizable and suggests widespread community engagement — everybody knows is “boom-bom-tap” beat. Used it in football games — “We Will Rock You” kind of chant to cheer on the team. The lyrics? The words elude me… good to have to help out with this. I get distracted by teh scantily clad women and the line about “kcikeing her out by 3:45.” I just never quite know what to do with that stuff. Ugh! But there’s the money and keeping some of it at his “auntee’s house”? I will have to check the lyrics. I am intrigued, curious on how to process and apply. Anyway, thinking… thanks.

  2. Indeed….love the creativity of rapgenius…we keep them on th Blog “honor” roll below…

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