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2 responses to “Ben-Horowitz on-Public-Enemy-Prophets-of-Rage

  1. I get the sentiment -the strikingly successful employee that does it their own way (and always has) no matter what, but is rough around the edges-, but there’s a lot of unsettling coded language in there that reads “angry employee of color.” Prophets of Rage might work, in terms of what rap music title might work to describe the successful employee that plays by their own rules. Prophets of Rage is about screaming for basic human rights, respect, and the opportunity within society that has marginalized African Americans throughout history. It is about solidarity, positivity, and continuing a legacy of leaders fighting for the collective good. And it name drops these leaders and cultural ambassadors. I respect the effort to link Hip Hop with the business world, but let’s be careful to not trivialize what is monumental work from one of Hip Hip culture’s best. Peace. #BetterMusic

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