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The Brand Speaks for itself or Takeaway#3

I’m genuine like Gucci, raw like sushi

Big Daddy Kane  Raw Long Live the Kane

Speak less, say more.  There is a beauty to this Strunk & White concise statement that can only be destroyed by commentary.

BPM thinks of the essence of branding when hearing this line.  The succinct couplet tells BMP who e Kane is.  He is a quality item.  He certainly is not one of the knock-off Rolexes and Louis Vuitton bags that littered the streets of New York and Venice when he wrote this line.  He is the genuine article.  Moreover, he has texture and taste.  Taste the wasabi and know that he is potent.  It is beautiful.

How many of us can say the same for our practice and our own corporate brand.  Do you say too much in memoranda and meetings?  Does your PowerPoint deck have too made slides?  Sometimes, the talkative dilute efficacy by speaking too much and really saying nothing … all sound and fury.

Does your communication and tagline succinctly address the fullness of your brand?   Let this be a model to tightening your expression for the most impact.

Do you understand BPM’s take?  If so, here is a takeaway for you.





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About codemizell

The Beats Per Management collective (“The BPM”) is curator for C.O.D.E Mizell and supports the repurposing of hip hop content for professional success. BPM consists of former Hip Hop junkies now living in the corporate world. BPM members carried milk crates of 12” records when “bpm” used to mean beats-per-minute for mixing music, now BPM members focus on Excel spreadsheets, legal briefs, power points, whiteboard-scribbling and business plans. BPM cannot shake the instant recall of Hip Hop lyrics. The good news is that BPM realized that these lyrics had application to its daily management concerns. BPM does not claim to have captured the true artist intent in its lyrical analysis, BPM seeks only to celebrate the role that hype-lyrics can play in the daily grind to get business done in the corporate world. This is not a glorification of urban pop-culture or a debate on the poetic merits of rap, we leave that to the literary critics and socio-political commentators. If you disagree with BPM send us your spin on the lyrics. We have an open mind, and hope you do. The “BPM Takeaways” dispense reminders for your business day. Hopefully, the next time a referenced-cut is heard on the radio, it will trigger your “Takeaway” and not just flashbacks to the music video. A quote-a-day will make you a better executive. BPM hopes to keep all advice short and to the point – Executive Summary Style. Technically the lyrics are “raps” and the culture of the genre is “hip hop” but lets not get overly technical -- substance not form that controls here. The point is you are putting that untapped knowledge to use. And to think they said that Hip-Hop would get you nowhere…puhhleasse. -Roscoe Waxx for BPM

4 responses to “The Brand Speaks for itself or Takeaway#3

  1. Jaunique Sealey says: “In the current economic climate, the only true “job security” comes from having your own personal brand.” – Quote from her book “Piece of the Fame: Rockstar Social Media Marketing for Everyone.” @JaUnique

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