Takeaway #157 on Chuck D and the other P. E.


P.E. a group – a crew – not singular

We wear black Wranglers

We’re rap stranglers

You can’t angle us

 Public Enemy    Rebel without a Pause

Takeaway 157:  No, man, it’s Private Equity.  And the question is: what is their angle?  Are they top loading the entity with debt to pilfer?  Perhaps they are re-tuning this puppy for an IPO or quick turn around.  Speaking of PE, what is the price-equity ratio?  CAPM or plowback…where do we invest today?

Extra ReadTerminal Value Exit or Terminator X it?

#175 {Smooth. Not what I am} or Could your PowerPoint use some work?

Hardcore, raw bone like a razorI’m like a laser, I just won’t graze ya

Chuck D-Public EnemyRebel without a Pause

Takeaway #175:   On a totally different mundane Monday note, let’s talk PowerPoint presentation.  Cut to the chase.  Keep your deck down to key impactful slides.  Use your pointer to highlight.  Time and attention is valuable so make your presentation short and sharp – lasering in on the essentials.  Your draft has a deck of a dozen…cut it in half.


Bonus:  Charts & Graphs that Work