Takeaway #212 mental growth via large professor + Nas

Reduce fat rap, no calories in my mentality

No sugar no starch, the pull-ups is hard but get money

Large Professor f/ Nas Stay Chisel

Takeaway #212: This whole rap is a reminder that intelligence and mental growth comes with effort, like muscle work outs.  Your financial growth could be expanded with an Executive Course, a few CLEs or some basic reading.  Read Carol Dweck (Mindset) to get up to speed.

Extra: The Growth Mindset of Leadership

Takeway #96: When time really is $. Ask Nas and Cee-Lo

***Popular, box-cutter flow

Time is money; the watch cost dough

…I’m in the pursuit of my own personal power And I only have an hour***

Nas f/ Cee-Lo   Less Than an Hour

Takeaway 96:  Efficiency…we need to operate in staccato.  We don’t have time to waste anyone’s CAPEX.  Bandwidth is limited and costly today.