Takeaway #99 the yin + yang of brand via BunB

 …Now I tried to compromise, see the other side of the story

But that’s easier said that done, when it comes to your pride & your glory

I’m a pimp with a glide in my worries . . .

But my armor’s on at all times, cause I gots me a rep to protect

Now I mights be known for this, and maybe recognized for that

But they be high-beaming me; and I be like where my visors at?

Bun B of U.G.K.  ♦  Pimp Life

Takeaway 99:  The power of reputation and brand is amazing.  It is what protects you and at the same time it is the spotlight that you shine and the competition can reflect with a mirror right back at you to blind you. 

Takeaway #115 on worth via #Bun B + #juvenile

If you going do it good I throw a lil’ dough

If you do it a lil’ better I throw a lil’ mo’ b

Bun B f/ Juvenile Pop…

Takeaway 115: Do not underestimate your wealth to the organization today.  Too many people work for incremental progress, truly marginal success.  As Regina Williams said in Jerry Maguire…”we determine our worth.”  Check yourself.