Takeaway #204 regulation or competition: inspired by Capone + Noyd

And the city is riding, cops knocking

The streets is watching, without shades

I don’t stop, I just keep clocking

Haters played on my bad judgment

Like dude’s numbers (you want it?)

Then floss for a few summers

Capone & Noyd Options

Takeaway #204:  Regulators may wait on the sidelines, but the true regulation is the near perfect information of the Wall Street capital markets. Traders clock moolah and peddlers of bad information get taxed by the street justice of the market.  Ain’t competition amazing?  Or wait, is that just sometimes?

#150: Sen Dog: When Competition Eats Your Lunch

***Never know what the next man got

Any fool might make it hot

All it takes is one good shot***

 Sen Dog   ♦    Hell and Back

Takeaway 150:  The competition will eat your lunch.  Assuming a rationale, self interested player, the expectation is your competitor will seize any opportunity to exploit for enterprise weakness, even with a far less superior product.  They need only be lucky once.