Takeaway #213 hedging: as inspired by Lil Wayne

It’s been murder, b@#%h, I make a killing.

Insurance papers in the safe, money in the ceiling

Lil Wayne We Come and See About It

Takeaway #213:  Yes, it’s diversification and hedge time. Although Lil Wayne is literally putting the portfolio into the house – between board and studs – your options can be in other vehicles. Like Paulson and Goldman Sachs vs. the subprime lemmings, time to zag while the others zig.

Takeaway #216 corporate rung-inc. – inspired by Lil Wayne

Everybody got problems, and money is the answer.

 The teacher ain’t picking everybody with they hands up

Lil Wayne f/ Juelz Santana Bonafide Hustla


Takeaway #216:  Are you waiting on a corporate rung hoping for validation?  It does not work that way…natural selection not teacher selection.

Takeaway #102: Relentless as seen via Baby + Lil Wayne

I ain’t got a lot of Nikes but I got a lot of checks…

I lost too many friends, but I won too many bets

I made too much money, I didn’t make enough yet

Baby f/ Lil WaynePop Bottles

Takeaway 102:   You sacrifice friends and material items for the true, end-game success. I suppose greed is a simple concept, but the stamina for success – drive – is easier to express than actualize.  The opportunistic successor is relentless.  Who are you today?

Takeaway #131 the game not the player via #LilWayne

And, no I never choke but I strangle beats

And, I am just a player in this game we be

So go blame the referee, don’t complain to me

Lil Wayne f/ Curren$y President

Takeaway 131:  Master the game, don’t let it master you.  Hate the game, not the player.  You have heard it before, but it’s time to focus on beating your adversary not whining.  Is that where your head is at today, or are you whining about your circumstance?  Your current business climate is curable, not fatal.  Act accordingly.

Takeaway #97: Lil Wayne on management and delegation

***If I don’t do nothing I’ma ball. I’m counting all day like a clock on the wall. Now go and get your money little duffle bag boy***

 Playaz Circle f/ Lil Wayne   Duffle Bag Boy

 Takeaway 97 Are you in charge or just managing someone else’s assets today? Are you balling or simply styling as some else’s bag boy?  Time to figure it out, don’t you think?