Takeaway #209 essence of the message via Pegz

They said we’d never make it above the preparation

We proved them all wrong and touched a generation

People loved it without a marketing budget

Without, toning it down and dumbing the subject

We didn’t stagnate, we opened the fan base

Watched as this culture altered the landscape

Pegz The Fight

Takeaway #209:  If you put in the work and do not water down the essence of your most complex thoughts, your message can find a wide audience.  Boiling a concept to its essence is not the same as diluting it.  If you presenting, building a power point deck or pitching to those with scarce bandwidth, then keep this in mind.

Takeaway #88 don’t regret sweat via Pegz

 …No, law degree, no brokering knowledge

To rise to the top and own a McDonald’s

Pegz f/ Reagan I Don’t Need Your Judgments

Takeaway 88: The extra degree may be an excuse for your path to success.  Executive MBA, grad degree, whatever…it’s not holding you back.  You are. Old fashion hustle, staying later than the other guys and gals is worth a great deal.

No regret in sweat.

Takeaway #221: Digital life inspired by #Pegz

***So romantic, I roamed the planet

With a mobile phone and global tracking

Showed you passion, no attachments

Follow the link and download the graphics

It’s a digital world, know the language

Online with the home advantage***

Pegz No Attachments

Takeaway #221:  Look it’s 24-7 because of digital, so play it to your advantage.  Get the profiles on your blackberry in sync.  Get the paper off your desk and PDF that.  Moreover, keep up on the terms of art and metrics, it will streamline your pathway to success