Takeaway #87 leverage inspired by Rainman

To get credit, get debt – tell me who’s the Mack –

when you’re pimped by a system that’s high on crack

Rainman  f/ Raman, Robby Balboa, Samsonite Make It

Takeaway 87:  Is this an echo of subprime debacle in recent times or just a reality of leverage?  You want to have leverage, you have to pick up debt and build off that ability to repay.  It’s the proverbial absurdity: to make money,  you have to leverage what you have for something you don’t on occasion.  Just make sure you keep perspective on who has the leverage: bank, bond insurer, rating agency…you?  The “Trumpism” is as follows:   When you owe the bank a million it’s your problem.  When you owe the bank a billion it’s the bank’s problem.