Takeaway #31: Directed Substance via #SlickRick

Sir noticed that my input was accurate intelligence

That type meant ta stripe, kids

Even after he died, I still write raps like this

Slick Rick  Who Rotten ‘Em

We all wish we could offer pearls of wisdom like rain water.  It is just not feasible.  We can, however, take a measured approach to the manner in which we manage and influence our team members.  If you have recruited properly you have talented people who can be motivated in subtle ways without ham-fisting advice, policy or directives via lectures.

The best points/accurate intelligence strike at the heart of the issue cutting through stylistic differences that team members may have.  You may not like the cut of your player’s jib, but does the player get the job done in your field or vocation?  That is the critical issue.  Any advice or discipline or should strike at the issue that is critical to the mission statement.  Keep personality out of it.

Similarly, the point must be universal and timeless.  Does your advice square with the words you used to motivate your players two years ago?  Is it logically consistent with past treatment or policy?  Are you going to be okay with someone quoting it back to you next year or when you sit down to terminate their employment?




#141: Value of Regulation via #gymclassheroes

My girl be setting booby traps to catch me eating Scooby snacks

I left crumbs in the bed once, but I told her I was through with that

She still don’t be believing me and I guess that I’m cool with that

Gym Class Heroes The Cookie Jar

Takeaway 141:  What hustler, excluding Warren G, is going to tell you that he/she enjoys regulation?  Quite simply, we know we need policing to avoid fleecing.

Takeaway #167: Recycling or it is not easy being green

Rap took the remnants of a dying society and created something new. Our fathers were gone, usually because they just bounced, but we took their old records and used them to build something fresh.”   Decoded  Jay Z

Takeaway #167:  Talk about green initiatives, Jay-Z is the original repurposing magnet.  Moreover, where reinvention is critical in business, from Andy Grove-to Reed Hastings-to the HoVA himself, the ability to flip the scrip and transform an entire business model is essential.  It is what BPM tries to do here at codemizell.  We are recycling old lyrics to build fresh enterprise value.

I’m an ol’ skool baller like Yogi Berra

Potato on the gun make it hard to hear ’em

I run this shit I can’t say it more clearer

 King Phaze f/ DMX, Sheek Louch, Styles P Yonkers Anthem

Takeaway 143:  Classics are old, because they work and last a long time.  In short – they work.  If you have to institute the ultimate sanction, do it in a muted fashion, so as not to leave clumsy evidence.  The potato is a great silencer.

#143: Classic not Clumsy via #KingPhaze #DMX

Takeaway #27: Mangaged Expectations and Recognized Value via #N.W.A.

To be a dopeman boy you must qualify

Don’t get high off your own supply

From a ki’ to a G it’s all about money

Ten piece for a champ, bass pipe comes free

If people out there are not hip to the fact

If you see somebody getting money for crack

he’s the

N.W.A.      ♦    Dopeman

You see crack-sales; BPM sees Investor Relations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Public Enemy said don’t believe the hype, Eazy E said don’t get hooked on your own product –don’t believe everything you are selling.  Investor relations are critical.  You need to give reasonable expectations and let’s face it Sarbanes-Oxley and the Fair Disclosure rules require it.  Nonetheless, like CRM, investor relations are managed relationships.  You are stoking the pipe that the public is smoking and if your give too much hype or not enough facts you can cause your base to flame out or over heat your position.  You are responsible for keeping the pot at a manageable simmer.  Like the FOMC looking for the goldilocks-economy, manage the expectations. 

I even love the marketing tip for the CRM.  Always have an added value.  If your charging a heavy price for the product, throw in the “base pipe” gratis.  It’s a relationship.  If you want to have the client comeback give them a reason.  They know when a value is added and will return where they think they are receiving value.