Data-Discipline-Honesty #173

 I’m a man of God who asked the Devil for some face time.

It’s shade time.  You never see him coming cause you fake, blind

Takeaway #173:  It takes conviction and discipline to both acknowledge the truth of your competitive landscape and to confront crisis and opportunity.  Not discounting the data when they conflict with your convenient hypothesis is what separates the ad hoc worker from the strategic solution-maker.  Ignore big data at your peril.    Remaining wilfully blind to facts, it makes you neither compelling nor a player.  Intellectual honesty suits you best today.

Talib Kweli (f/Jean Grae)

(Talib KweliUh OhGutter Rainbows)

Food for thought Link: Why do you think there are yottabytes of capacity at the Utah Data Center?

Takeaway #201 doing it – as inspired by Talib Kweli

Get it now, get it fast, get it right

Get it big, get it live, get it done, get it tight

I’m speaking to execs in the seat behind the desk

To your spirit nothing weaker than the flesh

Talib KweliListen!!!

Takeaway #201 Today’s inspiration is Speed, Accuracy, Boldness and Conciseness.  The only things preventing your message containing the above right now are your own mental and physical self imposed limitations.  Do it.

Takeaway #98 on point with talib kweli

I’m a kid with a vision running a label

With the freshest MC’s with something to say too

We cutting the umbilical cord from the navel

Willing and able to change the game for the better

A lot of crews claim they together

Then they fall apart and blame it on cheddar

Please~! I stay professional in all my endeavors


Talib Kweli & Madlib Funny Money

Takeaway 98:  Stay on message/mission statement.  The volume of business or work will not take you under if you remain true and professional to your core strengths.  It is only we people stretch the core, that they break.

Takeaway #117 no victims via #TalibKweli

Am I a victim or just a product of indoctrination?

They exploit it and use me like a movie with product placement

Talib Kweli Hostile Gospel, Pt. 1

Takeaway 117:  Are you the product or are you in charge of the product?  Look, you can blame your circumstances today as a victim, or recognize circumstances as just opportunity for a new approach.  Make up your mind and tee it up.

Attack on brand equity is ultimately an attack on real cash flows

      They tried to tell me that aliens built the pyramids

For every inch they cut the nose off the Sphinx

I make my jeweler add a few more links

 Kanye West    Chain Heavy

 Takeaway #162:  An assault on your mission statement is an assault on your brand equity.  If you permit the competition to chip away at the core strategy and consumer recognized asset you are effectively allowing them to depreciate your asset without your gaining any of the tax advantages of the competition imposed amortization.  It turns into a goodwill write-off, not a non-cash addition back to your EBITDA multiple.  Accordingly, you will have to find a new way to add to the value and beef up the real cash flows.  Add back the links…