Takeaway #210 don’t take it personal, but I need to exit: as inspired by Blue Scholars

Neck deep in contradiction in the gut of the beast

If you in debt, then everything you own is on lease

Blue Scholars Ordinary Guys


Takeaway #210: 

LBO exit strategy point of clarification.   It goes like this:

“Dear Employees:

      We do not own this puppy.  We just have you on lease, because we have fully leveraged your assets.  IPO or strategic sale,  we recommend that you do not get too attached to us.

Best Regards,

Your Private Equity Sponsors.”

Takeaway #209 essence of the message via Pegz

They said we’d never make it above the preparation

We proved them all wrong and touched a generation

People loved it without a marketing budget

Without, toning it down and dumbing the subject

We didn’t stagnate, we opened the fan base

Watched as this culture altered the landscape

Pegz The Fight

Takeaway #209:  If you put in the work and do not water down the essence of your most complex thoughts, your message can find a wide audience.  Boiling a concept to its essence is not the same as diluting it.  If you presenting, building a power point deck or pitching to those with scarce bandwidth, then keep this in mind.

Takeaway #207 lessons learned via the tongue

It’s a bad education when you can’t afford the fees

The pieces of this pie could feed forty thieves

If you’ve never smelt the greed – you’re a little naïve

The Tongue f/ Jane Tyrell Inheritance

Takeaway #207:  Okay, you got burned on the deal – at least tell me you took away a life lesson.  If you got taken, take a look at who look got both the immediate and residual benefit.  Some beneficiaries may be closer than you think.

Takeaway #208 execution not platitudes, as inspired by Scarface

You either, eat or you starve, rob or go get a job

Break down to either wake up, hustle or pray to God

Faith is one thing without work you ain’t got nothing

Decisions from a mother@!#er struggling

Scarface Crack

Takeaway #208:  Comprehension and a good business model is no substitution for execution.  The steering committee and the board are brilliant but does your COO give platitudes and guidance without motivating the troops to put the hustle in to make returns this year?

Bonus: Steve Case on Leadership & Executing Strategy