Takeaway #208 execution not platitudes, as inspired by Scarface

You either, eat or you starve, rob or go get a job

Break down to either wake up, hustle or pray to God

Faith is one thing without work you ain’t got nothing

Decisions from a mother@!#er struggling

Scarface Crack

Takeaway #208:  Comprehension and a good business model is no substitution for execution.  The steering committee and the board are brilliant but does your COO give platitudes and guidance without motivating the troops to put the hustle in to make returns this year?

Bonus: Steve Case on Leadership & Executing Strategy 

Takeaway #217: Credible Threat?

***And you could never catch me on the block without a strap

And I would never pull it out unless I’m bouts to black***

Scarface  Never

Takeaway #217:  Lessons on détente.   You must be equipped with lawyers and sales people willing to take the fight to the competition – remain strapped.  Do not, however, give empty threats.  Threats must be backed by credibility.  The reason détente works is because each party actually believes the other is willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice.  Do not threaten a law suit or a competitive activity unless you are ready, willing and able to execute.