Is your Fixed Cost Path Determining? Takeaway#170 ask Raekwon

Your heart get tested, and gunplay is only an investment

Raekwon     (Butter Knives   Shaolin vs. Wu Tang)

Takeaway#170:  Let’s get disciplined today.  CAPEX can be a deceptively large and protracted commitment. Is this machinery with short lifespan and negligible residual value? Is this intellectual property with amortization impacts that shield EBITDA and ATCF for increase total enterprise value? BPM says: Fully understand the impact before stepping into the arena.

EBITDA:  Earning Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization

ATCF: After Tax Cash Flow

CAPEX: Capital Expenditures

Takeway #96: When time really is $. Ask Nas and Cee-Lo

***Popular, box-cutter flow

Time is money; the watch cost dough

…I’m in the pursuit of my own personal power And I only have an hour***

Nas f/ Cee-Lo   Less Than an Hour

Takeaway 96:  Efficiency…we need to operate in staccato.  We don’t have time to waste anyone’s CAPEX.  Bandwidth is limited and costly today.