Takeaway #215 hating the new: inspired by Chamillionaire

Speaking with a purpose but some folks out there be hating.

They be saying that money talks.

I talk but you ain’t relating

Chamillionaire  You a Dummy

Takeaway #215Rarely do you receive praise for speaking truth to power or for an innovative idea in the market place. The first inclination is to attack the new good thing…even when it is well funded.  Don’t lose heart – the second or third time approaching is often the charm.

Takeaway #191 sustainable loyalty + the highroad via Chamillionaire

CEO’s are like slave masters and most of ’em don’t even know it

Their employees are like slaves, work the bill but don’t even own it

Your money right and your credit ain’t, then the bank still won’t loan it

If you on top and you ain’t paying taxes I hope you enjoying your moment

Chamillionaire The Morning News

Takeaway #191:  Take 1 –  Do you want your model to resemble slave-master where people have no sense of ownership?  If that is the case, how long do you suppose you maintain it successfully?  BPM says that is not sustainable. Take 2 –  Credit standing and Tax compliance are non-negotiable…always take the high road.

Takeaway #137: equity or service fees? via #Chamillionaire

 …Hear you talking ’bout your hustles, ain’t no profit there

Hear you talking ’bout your deal, that ain’t profit square

Y’all get lil’ royalties, I get profit share

Chamillionaire Hero

Takeaway 137: All we want to know is are you getting equity today or just a service fee?  Are you filing schedules or waiting on your W-2?