Takeaway #218: on the gross up with Annakin Slayd

They try to kill me every day in every way

They take forty percent earned from every pay

…I’m living how I want  – f@!k a nine to five

I’m alive, I’m alive

Annakin Slayd Alive

Takeaway #218:  The individual tax rate, makes you want to rethink your equity player status.  Perhaps your deal needs some Executive Gross Up, a company loan to purchase equity or deferred compensation.  Buffet points out that no one ever refused a dollar because they had to give a quater or two back….but….Gimmee shelter…..

Takeaway #191 sustainable loyalty + the highroad via Chamillionaire

CEO’s are like slave masters and most of ’em don’t even know it

Their employees are like slaves, work the bill but don’t even own it

Your money right and your credit ain’t, then the bank still won’t loan it

If you on top and you ain’t paying taxes I hope you enjoying your moment

Chamillionaire The Morning News

Takeaway #191:  Take 1 –  Do you want your model to resemble slave-master where people have no sense of ownership?  If that is the case, how long do you suppose you maintain it successfully?  BPM says that is not sustainable. Take 2 –  Credit standing and Tax compliance are non-negotiable…always take the high road.