Takeaway #11: Ice Cube inspires mission statement discipline


When you first start rhyming

It started off slow and then you start climbing

But it wasn’t fast enough I guess

So you gave your other style a test

You was hardcore hip-hop

Now look at yourself, boy you done flip-flopped


Ice Cube       True to the Game; Death Certificate (1991)


One of the hardest lessons in the corporate world is determining how to excel without selling out.  I don’t mean, without cashing out – I mean without abandoning your core competency or mission statement.  Companies expand into different industries and sectors while telling the investment community that in fact it is a related, vertical or horizontal integration move.  Executives turn into social climbers and status seekers shunning the fundamental diligence and thoughtfulness that created their original success. 

This is not to say that people should be change adverse.   New styles and new methods are the heart of innovation, which is the corporate driver – soul of success.  However, innovative methods do not justify abandoning a fundamental corporate mission.  Keeping it real, does not have to be keeping it real dumb.  Just don’t lose your focus.  I suppose Steve Jobs would say, “stay crazy, stay wild.” 




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