Takeaway #211 Monday – on time via Hi-Tek + Talib Kweli

Time is of the essence, and waits for no man

Now is the time to get down with the program

It’s time to get busy; it’s time to get involved

You got a problem with that, it’s time to get it solved


Hi-Tek f/ Dion, Talib Kweli Time


Takeaway #211:  The Monday-morning quarterback and back-seat drivers can take the day off, only essential personnel are required.  Take a teaspoon of gripe water if you are feeling colicky, kid, it’s time to do work.  Get on the team or get gone.

Takeaway #118 think big + risk tolerance via Time + Drop it like a fire engine

steal money, you’re a thief

steal country, you’re a king

… here comes victory, can you taste it?

it’s on my lips, it’s on my tongue

it’s on my spit, it’s on the drums

it’s on me, it’s on everyone

my soul is old my heart is young

palms towards the east, here comes the sun

Time Drop it Like a Fire Engine

Takeaway 118: The basics are no guts no glory.  You need to examine your risk reward profile today and assess what your endgame is.  Think Big.  If you are national, go global.  Was it Trump who said, if you borrow a million from the bank it’s your problem, but if you borrow a billion it’s the bank’s problem?  Not necessarily other people’s money …just risk tolerance.