Takeaway #198: empire of innovation


That’s what ya get when ya misuse what I invent

Your empire falls and ya lose every cent

For tryin to blow up a scrub

Now that thought was just as bright as a 20-watt light bulb***

Wu-Tang Clan    Protect Ya Neck

Takeaway #198Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but makes lousy business in the age of innovation.  Copycat status and second mover advantage cannot build bank.  Get your own style, that’s the right-bright idea.

What Innovation Looks Like:  Stanford-alumni-fund-new-innovation-center-in-Ghana

Takeaway #101: Corporate Culture via #Wu-Tang

You can’t…

Scheme your life away

Cause your seeds grow up the same way

 Wu-Tang Clan A Better Tomorrow

Takeaway 101:  Your corporate culture is a direct result of your leadership.  Exhibit less than integrity and your team and successors will do the same.  You and the enterprise cannot grow from a flawed foundation.

#21: Effectiveness as Habit + Wu-Tang

***But I’m still depressed, and I ask what’s it worth?

Ready to give up so I seek the Old Earth

Who explained working hard may help you maintain

to learn to overcome the heartaches and pain***


Wu-Tang Clan   C.R.E.A.M.; Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)


We all know that the Wu is perpetually down with the realm of Eastern philosophy.  This Black Asiatic/Zen Brother approach may be too much for some but BPM says that we don’t need to be overly theoretical or metaphysical to find merit here.

This is more akin to the athletic notion of “runner’s high.”  When you run that extra mile, the endorphins kick in and all that pain in your thighs, lungs, feet and knee-caps go away.  There will be moments of doubt as you push through an agenda, but once you really get into high gear on pushing the difficulty of the process will subside.  In part it subsides because you actually are getting part of the agenda done, but in part it starts to disappear because your faculties are becoming attuned to the process.  You are getting in shape.

The more you negotiate, the longer you are able to negotiate.  The more you create sales presentations and business models, the faster and the easier it becomes to complete them.  The more you shoot for high year end sales numbers and achieve them the better and less difficult it seems.