Takeaway #199 lunch eating competiton via Too $hort

You out of business, but no need to hang up the sign

We about to open up shop we got thangs to grind

So partner-dude don’t come back through

‘Cause everything we see you with, we going to want that too..

Too $hort f/ C-Bo We Want It

Takeaway #199:  If you are acquiring or besting the competition, be sure to take substantially all assets.  Taste their last crumb from dinner, before they eat your lunch tomorrow.  No need to have the competition leave forwarding addresses for your customers, a nice covenant not to compete will leave the new customers to you.

Takeaway #196 in negotiation with #xzibit

Because you spoke like a menace you got sent off to the dentist

I don’t be going back and forth like, full court tennis

We gon’ handle what we gon’ handle, have you walking in sandals

Xzibit f/ Kurupt, Too $hort Movin’ in Your Chucks

Takeaway #196:  In a negotiation it is most valuable to be willing to walk or not counter when you have been insulted.  You need to punch the other party in the mouth but you have to be willing to take them to the cleaners or leave them high and dry to have true leverage and create actual fear.

Takeaway #100 on the leverage of understatement via #Too$hort

I know those who ain’t got it, feel like they want it

And those who got it ain’t really gotta flaunt it

Too $hort Playa

 Takeaway 100:  A great reminder for any negotiation – understatement reflects true leverage.  Just as it is easier to get a loan when you don’t need it, people want to work with the one that does not need them…they have got to have it.

Takeaway #95: Too $hort on Human Resources?

***Put some big money back in the game…

You wanna ball, you can’t tell him he ain’t

Cause if the music don’t pay he gon’ sell ’em the ‘caine

All the crack babies are growin up now

They got ADD, throw it up and act wild***

Too $hort & E-40   This My One

Takeaway 95 Develop your Human Resources  (your personnel or human capital) or else be prepared for destructive behavior.  If you invest in your people, time, training, feedback, you receive assets.  If you do not, then the return is destructive behavior, poor morale, & poisonous deadweight.