Takeaway 202 with the sweat inside your hand

Opportunity is blind I don’t wonder if he’s coming

So look mum, no hands –

I made something out of nothing

Bliss N Eso This Is For You


Nothing but sweat in side my hands

Rakim  Paid in Full

Takeaway #202:  Are you waiting for just that one break to unleash your secret plan?  You will be waiting forever. Make it with nothing but sweat in your hands or lint in your pocket.  Today you need to do it with what you got.  Don’t wait.

Need Inspiration: Meet Kelvin – the Future

Takeaway #87 leverage inspired by Rainman

To get credit, get debt – tell me who’s the Mack –

when you’re pimped by a system that’s high on crack

Rainman  f/ Raman, Robby Balboa, Samsonite Make It

Takeaway 87:  Is this an echo of subprime debacle in recent times or just a reality of leverage?  You want to have leverage, you have to pick up debt and build off that ability to repay.  It’s the proverbial absurdity: to make money,  you have to leverage what you have for something you don’t on occasion.  Just make sure you keep perspective on who has the leverage: bank, bond insurer, rating agency…you?  The “Trumpism” is as follows:   When you owe the bank a million it’s your problem.  When you owe the bank a billion it’s the bank’s problem.

Takeaway #199 lunch eating competiton via Too $hort

You out of business, but no need to hang up the sign

We about to open up shop we got thangs to grind

So partner-dude don’t come back through

‘Cause everything we see you with, we going to want that too..

Too $hort f/ C-Bo We Want It

Takeaway #199:  If you are acquiring or besting the competition, be sure to take substantially all assets.  Taste their last crumb from dinner, before they eat your lunch tomorrow.  No need to have the competition leave forwarding addresses for your customers, a nice covenant not to compete will leave the new customers to you.

Takeaway #89 going worldwide with Monteloco

Spending Easter Sunday at Lake Casitas

Rocking the latest Prima gear and Adidas

You should’ve seen us, took me two weeks to speak English

Straight from Mexico, rifa

Ciudad Juarez

Grosspark Elementary to Oxnard College

Monteloco f/ Sly805 Worldwide

Takeaway #89:  You don’t need NAFTA to tell you it’s a global economy.  Information and transformation is happening at exponential speeds.  As fast as this Juarez boy turns into a California college graduate, you can take your local enterprise global.

Takeaway #197 cool @ the bell via Xzibit

……This is grown man business, recognize the tone

If I don’t recognize the number won’t, answer my phone

Xzibit f/ Jelly Roll Rollin’

Takeaway #197:  There is no need to shout above the fray of the immature.  You are the mature, cool collected-head, let your communications reflect the same.  You need not respond to every demand – or have a Pavlovian reaction when the fight bell chimes.

Takeaway #92 on Focus via Mos Def

My restlessness is my nemesis…

You know the motto

Stay fluid even in staccato

 Mos Def Hip Hop

Takeaway 92:  Focus.  Mission creep creates the desire to abandon your mission statement and core competency.  The times are choppy and turbulent (“staccato”) and there is a tendency to fall out of the rhythm of your game (“fluid”).  Stay focused.